Best Trail Camera Option Under $100

best trail camera 05No doubt that budget becomes one of the most considered factor for some people before purchasing one suitable trail camera. While others feel okay with high-end trail cameras with high-quality features, some others would prefer to pick one which cost under $100 yet still competitive. Stealth Cam G30 IR Trail Camera can be one of the most suggested alternative to select. You can purchase the camera for around $100 via online, without forgetting about its quality. The 8MP-camera is able to produce clear pictures even during nighttime. Its trigger time is exceptionally fast with a half of second to take. Completed with its long lasting 8 batteries, this camera is quite an idol.

Another 8MP-trail camera which does not cost you more than $100 is Browning Range Ops XR. You might not find Browning trail camera as good as other competitors, but with that budget, you can have this best trail camera under $100 in the market with considerably high quality. The trigger time runs for about 0.7 seconds, completed with detection range that could reach up to 60 feet. Its 8MP camera is certainly prepared to capture high-quality pictures and videos, with duration up to 2 minutes long. The camo design is elegantly served to protect the inner parts.

If you cannot have the 8MP-cameras then you can shift your options to the lower ones. Stealth Cam P18 comes with 7MP-camera but still quite dependable for your gaming. The camera is featured with 10-foot detection range and considerably fast trigger time. The brother of the P18 series, the P12 is available with 6MP-camera read here. However, the battery life makes it pretty good choice for your trail cameras under $100. Besides, the camera is able to give you expected pictures though they are taken during the nighttime; thanks to the IR flash which is almost invisible to the surroundings.