Reliable Best Epilator for the Best Result

epilator 07Many people find difficulty to define epilator and shaver. In general, both of them have the same target, which is hair. Shaver might relate to men, while epilator is for women. Some tools combine shaver and epilator into one product. In spite of multipurpose, these tool is still epilator. You can cut the hair on leg, armpit, or any part of body. For shaving, the head of tool should be changed to suit the face contour. For beginners, finding the right tool is slightly difficult because you need to know how to operate and maintain it.

Reliable best epilator should have several benefits. Dual function is good, but not quite reliable for women. It goes similar in men. As it mentioned above, shaver and epilator might be the same thing practically. Therefore, you do not have to bother about women-thing and men-thing. Everyone can use this kind of tool to get smooth and soft skin. Reliable is about functionality and capability to match the needs and preference. Top selling product might not suitable for certain user. However, epilator on top place is proved as the most reliable product.

For wet and dry usage, Silk-├ępil 7 7-521 is good choice. It is produced by Braun as leading manufacturer in this field. You can match speed of head in two modes. Waterproof covers the entire part of epilator to keep it safe during take a bath. It cuts more efficient with four time faster than common epilator. Its head is able to be removed and washable. This device has pivoting head to match the skin and body part texture and contour. Philips Satinelle can remove hair until 0.5 millimeter. It is very short and the maximum hair is about 1.5 mm. Philips understand what people want when using epilator, especially women. With this epilator, you do not have to remove your hair often. Satinelle has efficient and washable cap to increase the durability of product.