Zero Turn Mowers – Cub Cadet And Crafstman

best zero turn mower 03In general, if you want to have the cutting of your lawn as efficiently as possible, then zero-turn mower as at pickmymowers which is the kind of machine you need to get reviewed. Its main difference from the regular lawn mower is that this machine can minimize the grass cutting and also the required operator’s energy. This zero turn mower gives you one alternative if you are kind of people who wish to have a lighter work of grass-cutting. Then, what do you get on the bucket list? Well, there are some options though to pick one which suits your needs and budget.

Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Rider 365L which cost for about $6,300 is equipped with a powerful and fast machine and also quite large deck. That makes some best zero turn mower reviews suggest this product to you for its comfortable operation. The engine works with 18 hp with its dimension of the deck on 54 inch. The capacity of the gas tank is 4.5 gallons while the noise level is about 90 Dba. The specifications are thought to be too much though for average houses. Completed with the high price makes this product got reviewed to be those zero-turn mower which is a bit incompatible for average needs. However, if you love some parts of this product, the manufacturer offers similar series with lower specifications and price.

Another alternative is Sears Craftsman EZT Lawn Tractor. This one cost a half of the previous one, so you might expect this one to be more compatible with your grass-cutting. Its engine can work with 15.5 hp while the full tank can be filled with 3.5 gallons. Its deck is definitely smaller with 40 inch but higher noise level which is on 91 Dba. As what you expect, the mower is much simpler to use and accessible engine. . However, some control panels are a bit uncomfortably used.